About us

         The luxurious and unforgettable celebration consists of a variety of well-thought-out detail, good organization and good mood. However, one of the most important components of a successful holiday for the modern city dweller is transport. We are offering your service luxury limousines that can be decoration for any festive event in your life.

         Limousines have come from Hollywood movies and in the view of many become a symbol of success, really fabulous holiday. Let this fairy tale come true! We offer limousine service in Chernivtsi at low rates, auto decoration in the style of decoration of your holiday and the opportunity to make your holiday truly exceptional. Limousines that you can have to choose, equipped according to the latest technology and fashion, of course including DVD, air conditioning, music, comfortable and roomy bars, plasma TVs and mirrored ceilings. Limousine to lead a professional driver who will provide you with the convenience and comfort of travel.

         Our company offers for your enjoyment include limousine rental services in Chernivtsi:

- Business - ride in a limo, in Chernivtsi prokaternovtsy
- Corporate events, limousine services for corporate parties
- Wedding procession in the limo, wedding limousine rental in Chernivtsi
- Birthday in a limo, limo orenda in Chernivtsi on the day of birth
- Romantic date, romantic svaidanie limousine in Chernivtsi
- Party, a trip to the clubs; orenda limousine in Chernivtsi
- Walk around the city. orenda limousine Chernivtsi

         When renting a limousine is important not to be mistaken with a choice of where you order it. For a few companies that own limos, there are dozens of small companies intermediaries. When ordering a limousine from the company owning the car you have the option to pre-inspect the car in person, why can not you give mediators, offering you view only pictures. Besides, by the price higher. And it is likely that the machine was ordered by the required date is already occupied, and you come to something else ... or in the worst case will not come at all. It was only with us your holiday will be perfect, and this day you will remember for a lifetime.

Sincerely, VIP-holiday