Porsche Cayenne Limousine

Color limousine: White

Length limousine: 10.5 m

The seats in the passenger compartment: 15

Concert and holiday company Vip-holiday offers a limousine limousine Porsche Cayenne White, Porsche Cayenne limo white to a wedding, limousine limousine white Porsche Cayenne in Chernivtsi, limousine limousine white Porsche Cayenne in Kiev, limousine limousine white Porsche Cayenne to your special event, anniversary or corporate event.

Lease on the car you can dannomgo in the cities of Kiev and Chernovtsy.

Chrysler Phantom C

          Winged limousine Chrysler Phantom C - perfect limousine for all occasions. Lounge with spectacular changing lighting (Mood Lighting) is very convenient and comfortable. Our company offers you a unique opportunity to rent in Chernivtsi and Kiev this model limousine to emphasize the unique style of your holiday.

Lincoln Town Car

         Limousine Lincoln Town Car is one of the most popular limousines around the world, and now, thanks to us, you can take it to the car and in Chernivtsi! Lincoln is in step with the times, because it combines luxury, reliability and affordability. Lincoln limousine allows you to travel around the city first class, you can rent it for holidays and for business meetings and business trips.

Our customers

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